SEQ Downhill #7 Kenilworth

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Here we are at Kenilworth, the final round for the South East Queensland Downhill Series. This trail was most requested to be added to the racing calendar after an absence of three years. From the riders words on the finishing podium it was well worth the effort to bring it back to the racing calendar, with many citing it as best in the series. Welcome back Kenny!


SEQ DH #7 2015 brought to you by Dirt Merch \\ Ashgrove Cycles \\ For The Riders \\ Maxxis
Well it’s that time of year with racing winding up, world champs were just two weeks ago and here we are at the final round of the Dirt Merch SEQDH series. This weekend we find ourselves at Kenilworth.


The drive out to Kenny’s is long, but rewarding. With views of The Glasshouse Mountains and much rolling hills, ideal dairy country. You might have bought milk from up the way via Maleny Diaries.

Kenilworth itself is a little gem. Home to the awarding winning Kenilworth Cheese Factory and Kenilworth Bakery, I’ve never left here disappointed. Their coffee is on point and baked goods super delicious, try the meat and veg pastie. Nearby to Kenilworth there is much to explore. With several stunning camping options nearby, 4wd trails and for those with a set of iron legs, the Conondale Great Walk greets you ~56km multi-day hiking round trip.

The race day trail was brought back from jungle by a group of dedicated volunteers over the past two years via many dig days. Big thanks to the land owners for opening up their property to allow the racing. The track, 2.3km in length, presented dry and dusty with the lower section of jump lines cutting through grassy fields. A top pick for fans to hold up for the afternoons racing.


The start of the jump lines was a place of much entertainment over the day #whipsfordays


Plenty of style in the air.


Stoke level was high after ‘finally hitting the drop further up the chute’, keep on conquering those trail demons brother.


Full gas to the A-line!


Off on a drink re-supply run at Dirt Merch Hill.

Everybody was really enjoying the trail.


The bicycle minefield.


Will Baker airing out the laundry to take out 3rd in under 15’s today.

Pinning, styling and talking smack.


These nuggets from Walker Farm Foods were on sale at the race. Nomadic free range eggs were being produced by ‘the ladies’ not far from the racing on the land-owners property. Yum!


Awaiting times for the final riders in the Top 30 shootout!

Stu Lyman (Top Left) decided to BYO Celebration booze, it didn’t end well.


The Planet Cycles ladies making sure their Canadian friend went home with a story to tell.


Elite Men podium celebrations.


This wraps up what has been a uber successful series this year. Big thanks to all sponsors involved to make the series a reality. All the volunteers and businesses who came out to events. Job well done. For full racing results head over to SEQDH.