Mental for Miles Riding The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

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It’s no secret I love riding bikes. Growing up I rode bikes to school, after school, on weekend adventures. I probably spent more time riding bikes than walking in my formative years. It was in my school years that I became aware that something wasn’t right with mum. After some time, including a miss-diagnosis, we were told mum had early on-set dementia or Pick’s Disease. So, what is this Mental for Miles thing? I’m doing what I love the most, riding bikes, for someone I didn’t get the chance to love the most. I’m raising awareness, so you can look out for your mates and pick up on the early signs of dementia. To better understand what is happening and how to be a legend by supporting, rather than pushing back negatively on their behaviour! For they know not what they do. Find a link to more info on the subject at the end of this page.

Banff, Canada – Day 0

Watch your noggin, said the hostess as I boarded the plane to Calgary. Being on the upper end of the height scale it has its pro’s and con’s. After 20 hours of travel from Brisbane, Australia incl. 2 hours of US Customs naughty room (another whole story there), cue running through LAX Airport to get to my next flight with bike checked in past deadline… and here we are at beautiful Banff, Alberta Canada 🙂 The town itself is small, which I love. It has not gone full tourist centre just yet either, which is nice.

Where I’m staying is very close to the Bow River, which Banff sides on. I did a lap of the town and river on foot. I discovered Canadians love bikes, many people scattered throughout my walk were on two wheels.

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These two legends, in particular, were enjoying the fine day on full downhill sleds. I spent a bit of time wandering along the Bow River, alert for bears, being my first time in bear country. Apparently, somewhere nearby was closed off after a bear sighting yesterday. Thankfully, all I found today was some fisherman, killer views and a place to eat.

I wound up at this Mexican place for dinner, it’s locally owned, it was personally recommended. I’d also recommend after my visit. My chimichanga was especially well presented and super delicious along with some friendly service.

I have two days here to get settled, enjoy the town and get prepared for the ride. Banff is a town surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Nearby Sulphur Mountain, is the number one place everyone finds their feet upon. I chose to hike up and down rather than take the gondola. Felt my body needs some movement as I didn’t have much time back home to train up. I rode to the base and walked to the top after 80 mins. Spent quite some time exploring the lookout point, or should I say points. They have a great boardwalk above the ground for a hundred meters or more, giving true 360 views at various points as you ascend the last of the climb.

Yes, those are paw prints in the image above…
That’s all for now, I’m off to buy supplies, for the adventure begins tomorrow. I’ll leave you with the link to the mental for miles fundraising page 🙂 Click here to learn more about early on-set dementia